Sunday, March 29, 2009

my cousin mia

This is my cousin Mia at her birthday party. It is a Super Hero party. My cousin Mia is very funny and her mom and dad are architects. Also it was my cousin Felix's birthday and this is at their 5th birthday. They are twins. Mia is wearing a Wonder Woman costume. Felix was Batman.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Duck bumps?

Luca: Last night I was taking a bath and afterwards I had those things that ducks get. Like, you know, when you are cold, or in the snow, or scared?

Claudia: You mean goose bumps?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mars in the Basement

Caio: This is me and my brother Luca standing behind the model of Mars. It has Lego vehicles. The actual Mars is made out of a bunch of papier mache. My grandma and I made Mars. We painted it because we wanted it to really look like Mars. Mars is red. There is a little driller, a big ship, and a Lego MT-61 Crystal Reaper.PS Luca didn't really help. PPS I am in my pajamas.

Pokemon Box

Caio: This is my Pokemon box that I got at Target on Saturday. The special Pokemon's name is Heatran. He is a fire type Pokemon and he has 120 Life Points HP. His Poke Body power is heat metal and his Poke Power is heat wave. I got 41 cards in one tin which is 4 packs of 10 cards. I knew that it was 41 cards because each pack has ten and I added 10 four times and then I added the extra top card to get 41!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Three Jokes

Caio: If you are short what do you wear?


Luca: Why did the water cross the road?

Because he bumped into a tree and thought it was a monster.

Caio: Where does a snowman keep his money?

In a snowbank!!

New Joke!

Caio: Who do you call when you have a rash on your legs?

The LEGO-knights!

Get it?

Watching Coraline, Part 2

Caio:  Coraline was very bored of her life.  The doll ended up in a different place when she put it down.  It ended up behind a big block, behind that was a little door.  Coraline asked her mother to rip open the wallpaper that covered the door.  When she ripped it open and unlocked it, all that was there was bricks.  But the second time she looked there at night there was a big, long, blue tube.  When she opened the door at the other side of the big tube she had opened an unusual door.  There was a different mother cooking a chicken dinner.  The other mother asked Coraline to get the other dad for dinner.  She said he was playing the piano.

Come back soon for Part 3...

Star Wars Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker

Caio:  My friend Cameron told me about the Star Wars Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker by Lego.  The new gunship can pick up the Walker while flying.  It can drop it on the ground then it can start climbing the wall like in the movie.  Cameron and I thought it was really cool because it could go on the ship and pick it up with two little suction cup thingies.

I think that the AT-OT Walker should have a Lego motor in it so it could walk by itself.  There should be 8 wheel turners, one for each leg.    

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Watching Coraline

Caio: On a snow day, my mommy and my friends and me went to watch Coraline in 3D. The 3D part was really cool. I liked how everything just popped out of the screen.

First, this person took a doll with button eyes and took off the buttons. Then, she ripped open the mouth and then she took the whole thing apart. She got a different stuffing (like sand) and put it in the doll. And then she opened a drawer and picked two black buttons and sewed them on the eyes. And then she sewed blue hair like Coraline. And then she put it out the window and it just flew by itself. And then when Coraline got to the new house they were moving into she saw the doll in a bag, with a note, on the table.

Come back tomorrow for more scary stories of Coraline...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tying Shoes

Caio: I tied my shoes for the very first time. My teacher Lindsay taught me how to. First, you take your lace and make a knot. Then you take your right lace and make a loop. Then you take your left lace and loop around the first loop. Then you take that string and shove it through the little hole that you (should) see. Then it should turn out as two loops on each side. Then you take those two loops and pull. Then, how to make a double knot: You take those two loops and make a knot. Ok, I'm good. I didn't want you to write that. What are you DOING? MOMMY!! Please stop.

Luca's Joke

Luca: Why did Max cross the road?

Because he didn't want to leave his wolf suit.

Get it? Where the Wild Things Are


Caio: Why does the wolf not want to go to the city?

Answer: Because he doesn't want to leave his WILD-hood.

Get it?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Eating Burgers

Caio: This is me eating french fries and burgers in Washington DC. Luca is very small and he still has a pacifier in his mouth.

Star Wars Halloween

Caio: This is me and Luca on Halloween night. Luca looks very funny and I look really tough.

Skiing at Tuxedo Ridge

Caio: This is my brother Luca and my Dad. My dad is giving Luca a ride on his snowboard like a sled.
Caio: This is me at skiing after I did a couple of runs. My helmet has this little thing that snaps and holds my goggles on and prevents it from falling off. I rented my skis for the whole season so I didn't rent them from Tuxedo Ridge.