Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot Wheels Big Drop

Hi Everyone, I have a new YouTube account. Find my videos by searching caiolrodolfo.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Angel My Ski Buddy and Me in the Local Papers

Last week my ski buddy and I got "Ski Buddy of the Week". That's when my teacher, Ms. Schilly, decides who was the best ski buddy and who deserves the best buddy award. The award is a bag of candy, letters of praise, and their name gets posted on the school bulletin board.
My friend's mom, Mrs. Calves, took this picture at Tuxedo Ridge, our local ski mountain. The picture ended up in two! local papers -- the Sentinel and the Chronicle. Check out the article. I was really happy when I noticed that I got in the paper for the second time this school year!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Composition by Luca Rodolfo

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Luca loves oatmeal and evidently Caio no longer likes it. Oma and Grandmom made the boys oatmeal endlessly last year and Caio declared a moratorium until 2011. On January 1 Luca asked for oatmeal for breakfast and clearly had waited for the ban to be lifted. I made him his favorite breakfast.

As we were eating he asked me if I knew what Oma's secret ingredient was. I said yes, "it's love". He was surprised that I knew. I told him I used the same secret ingredient. Concerned, he asked what would happen if it ran out. I thought he meant the oatmeal and said we'd buy more. He said, "no, what if you run out of love?" I explained to him that it could never happen.


Caio got a knot tying game from his cousins and it's hard. But Luca just invents his own knots and gives them interesting names. Here are a few:

Generator Knot
Egg Knot (Also Fish Egg Knot)
Turtle Shell
Plankton Knot
Bicycle Knot
Round Knot
Belt Knot
Tiny Knot
The Crocodile
Eggshell Knot
Unknown Knot
Boat Knot
Scorpion Shell Knot

I don't know how they work but I can imagine them by their names.