Monday, April 26, 2010

Caio and Luca

Luca and I have been working on this blog since March 2, 2009. So I was thinking of doing something different. But what different thing am I going to do? We are going to try to get videos up on the blog. So hang in there while we work on the technological difficulties!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Riding and Little League

On Sunday I had baseball and riding. Baseball is at 8:30am and riding is at 10:30am. At Little League it was the first time the kids got to pitch and on Saturday I got a new glove, bat and uniform. My team is called the Athletics or the A's. This is me getting ready to catch a ball. My dad says that I would be either a good pitcher or a good short stop.
Here I am riding a bigger horse and her name is Buttercup. It's twice the size of my old pony Jasmine. I was posting while I was trotting in the indoor arena. It is easier to post while trotting because when you post while trotting your ride is much smoother. After I had my lesson Leslie my teacher allowed us to go around the outdoor track.

In the Forest

In the forest it can be nice
but don't forget about the lice
they squiggle and squirm in the leaves
so don't forget to wear long socks and long sleeves
if you please!

Bears in the Backyard!

Luca: We saw bears and I want to call the bears Claudia, Alvin, Luca and Caio.
Caio: Today we saw bears in our backyard and Cris and Luca told us that they were there. It's a coincidence because at school we were talking about how we can save local animals today.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Poem

the sky is blue, the day is bright.
The air is warm and with delight.
and with my homework done in a fright.
With the sun beaming so bright
it blinds me with delight.