Sunday, February 14, 2010

Luca's Fish Have Babies!

Santa brought Luca 2 fish for Christmas and now there are 15 babies! We all agree it's a miracle tank. Suddenly 3 snails have shown up, too. We added a placo (cleaning fish) to help keep the tank healthy and give him extra algae tablets for his dinner. Luca exclaimed one evening "We forgot to give Plaky his allergy waffers!" (Algae wafers) Now every night we give him his waffers.

We were at the pizza parlor last night...

and three teenagers were being scolded (severely) by their father for being late and possibly being up to no good. Caio overheard the heated conversation and said "the boys should just say they were being fashionably late!"

Caio, Luca and Cousins in Aspen for Christmas!

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