Saturday, March 7, 2009

Watching Coraline, Part 2

Caio:  Coraline was very bored of her life.  The doll ended up in a different place when she put it down.  It ended up behind a big block, behind that was a little door.  Coraline asked her mother to rip open the wallpaper that covered the door.  When she ripped it open and unlocked it, all that was there was bricks.  But the second time she looked there at night there was a big, long, blue tube.  When she opened the door at the other side of the big tube she had opened an unusual door.  There was a different mother cooking a chicken dinner.  The other mother asked Coraline to get the other dad for dinner.  She said he was playing the piano.

Come back soon for Part 3...

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